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Having regular piano tunings will not only keep your piano in top playing condition and sounding great, but tunings help prevent damage and is crucial to maintaining your piano. When you tune your piano, you’re correcting its pitch. So if you go too long without tuning your piano, the pitch will likely drop — which can add uneven tension to your piano’s structure.


This is one of our most popular services, offered for a variety of models and brands.
Key replacement offers a new fresh look to an older piano. We use durable acrylic German key-tops on all of our pianos. The benefits to these key-tops are that they do not stain, crack, or fade.


Vintage pianos are true works of art, prized family heirlooms, and examples of extraordinary craftsmanship. Our mission is to accurately restore and/or rebuild your vintage piano so that it is returned to its original appearance and quality of sound. By combining detailed craftsmanship with modern technology, the piano technicians at Landrum's Piano Tuning bring the best of both worlds to piano restoration. All pianos are unique in what may or may not be needed for restoration, and that’s why we take the time to educate you. Our estimates always include all details of replacement items and labor costs, because we want you to completely understand the entire restoration process. Piano restoration may include:

Refinishing the piano cabinet or case

Polishing brass

Replacing or repairing the soundboard, including finish and decal (when applicable)

Bridge repair 

Replacing the pinblock

Refinishing the plate

Repinning and restringing

New damper felts with refinished damper heads

Damper regulation

Replacing or renewing repetition levers

New hammers, shanks, and flanges

Restoring ivory keytops or replacing with quality acrylic keytops

New key bushings

New action felts

Action regulation

Tuning to A440 concert pitch



We are certified in QRS system installation and are happy to equip your instrument with player technologies.

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